Welcome Screen

Shows you a snapshot of your most active contact engagement. Things like email views, subscriptions, property alerts and life changes they have announced in social media.

Activity Feed

Displays recent activity in your sphere. You can adjust the setting using the Gear Icon to choose which activities you want to be featured and how recent those activities were (see below).  Note: the further back in time you would like to display, the longer it may take to populate the list.

To-do List

Displays both transaction tasks and any additional tasks you would like to include to keep yourself on track. You can add To-do List tasks from the dashboard or you can add transaction tasks as needed (see below). 



Displays your daily calendar tasks. Select View to navigate to your full Calendar (see below). 

Sales Flow

Displays your current Sales Flow as well as contact and transaction count. Select any of the sections to navigate to that group in the My People screen (see below). 


Goals Completion

Displays the current year’s GCI goal. Select View to navigate to the Goals page. You can also choose if you want to display the GCI dollars using the Gear Icon 

My Listings

Displays all current and sold listings associated with your account. Select a listing to view in Listing Manager or select View to see all listings in your Listing Manager