When your home is represented by NAVIGATE REAL ESTATE, it benefits from the worldwide recognition and prestige RESAAS the world’s largest network of real estate professionals (460k+ located in 160 countries) and enables unprecedented scope for network-building, opportunity sharing, and peer-to-peer collaboration. This gives our agents exclusive access to global and highly qualified clientele.

Core Values



With a combined 40+ years of real estate experience, Don and Donovan bring a wealth of real estate intelligence as well as success. After spending 17+ years guiding one of RE/MAX’s worldwide Top 10 Teams “The Elite Partners” Don and Donovan founded Navigate RE with the goal of transforming the industry for the better. 

The two partners have worked diligently to bring new innovative technology to the industry. Technology that is transforming how we do business. Streamlining and simplifying the transaction and marketing process for agents and the consumer. Learn more about navi and our technology platform here

 The Navigate RE Partners epitomize integrity, energy, hard work, and service throughout each and every transaction they have. The Partners have been responsible for over $4.5 Billion in sales over the last 20 years and have been consistently ranked in the Top 5 in all of California. Whether you’re ready to move into your first home or move on to the next one, The Navigate RE Partners are with you at every important moment along the way.


Founding Partners Don McDonald and Donovan Schemke



Better companies make better communities.
We believe our business has a responsibility to serve, connect, grow and protect the communities we operate in.


Independence is worth preserving. Our independence matters more than our size. It allows us to prioritize our community involvement and better serve our agents and clients.

Social impact at the center.
Everything we do has a cause and effect. We maintain a responsibility to contribute to every community in which we operate.

Communities over shareholders.
If our business has to grow at the expense of the communities around us, it isn’t worth it. It is important to us to continually invest in building community.

Growth for the sake of bigger impact.
We grow our business to become a stronger, independent network of individuals who benefit as a result of more resources.


Our selective hiring process means that only the best and most productive agents partner with Navigate. Our Partners love knowing that their colleagues are the best in the business. We focus on the tools and support that busy and successful Partners need.


We’ve set the bar higher than most real estate companies by selectively hiring reputable agents.


Navigate Partners are committed to their full-time careers as real estate professionals.


On average, our agents have been licensed for more than 10 years.


Navigate Partners sell 80% more homes than the industry average agent.


Navigate Partners sell their listings 37% faster, saving sellers time and money.

*The above statistics are from BAREIS MLS data for the Solano County only.

NAV Group of realtors (1)

Feel What It's Like To Be More Than A TEAM MEMBER


When you work among top producers, feeling motivated to grow your business is only natural. You’ll learn faster. You’ll strive for more. And you’ll find yourself serving clients with a fresh perspective. See how being partners with a Tech Forward, Client Driven brokerage can energize your career.

Navigate RE was founded by a former RE/MAX Top 10 (# 7 in 2022 and #1 In California) Worldwide Team with annual sales in excess of $250 million and combined over $4.5 Billion in total volume. Partnering with RESAAS a global network of over 460,000 agents in 160 countries globally you are sure to receive referrals and build business from around the world. 

*According to RisMedia Power broker Results 2021


Culture can’t be seen—it’s felt. We invite you to experience ours. 


The collaborative and friendly environment at Navigate has built life-long friendships between our Partners.


Weekly open house opportunities, transaction partnerships, referrals, and more business is shared between agents.


Ask questions. Request vendors. Coordinate and collaborate.


Learning from other successful agents is one of the great benefits of working at Navigate


We often make time to plan office events, socials, and other company gatherings. Plus we have Corn Hole and other games at our office. We work hard and play hard!

"I am so incredibly lucky to work at a firm that is so supportive and inclusive with a culture that is second to none. You don’t get that very often in real estate offices. I am absolutely in the right place. I never have had more fun getting to know such an amazing group of people."
Denise Kilker
Partner 4 Years
"Everyone is so real at this company, which means I can be myself, too. My previous office was overcrowded with inexperienced agents who were constantly coming and going. Now I work with many great partners who have also become great friends."
Sherri Duggan
Partner 2+ years


Navigate Partners receive high-level support and guidance that’s hard to find at other companies.  We know at the end of the day support is what matters most. You need someone who always has you back, covers you when you need them and a place to bounce ideas off.  


Call, text, or email. Have a conversation directly with the broker when you need the support.


We provide dedicated support to assist partners and provide a completely satisfying experience.


We've established countless relationships including legal counsel, professional printers, and much more, so that our partners can save time and money through trusted relationships.


Our in-house assistants are trained in high-level marketing, data management and transaction coordination.


Need to bounce an idea? We love helping agents run with their next big idea—or saving them from pursuing one they shouldn’t.


We are aligned with attorneys to get legal advice for our agents quickly.


We provide the platforms, so we have the answers. Allow us to provide you best practices for every aspect of your business.

“The support that I receive at Navigate has been an integral part to the growth of my real estate career. I strategically chose this brokerage for the intimate environment. At any point I can have a meaningful conversation with the broker and be heard.”
-Stacey Spears

Our Own In-House Lender



Movement was created to be different. Founded in 2008, amidst one of the biggest financial meltdowns in American history, Movement set forth on a mission to create a Movement of Change in our industry, in corporate cultures and in communities.

First, we pioneered a unique approach to home loans centered around helping homebuyers, quickly and easily. Then, we created a model so that our profit creates a long-term positive impact in communities both close to home and around the globe.

For our borrowers, we commit to building relationships based on communication. We get it home loans can be confusing and stressful – But they don’t have to be. And we work to make sure they aren’t.

It all comes back to our mission, to love and value people in everything we do.

We’ve chosen to Partner with Chrissy Sittinger and her team locally. Having an in-house lender give you our partner the strength and confidence in knowing you can serve your clients every need when it comes to real estate. Confidently write offers that get accepted with guaranteed closings!


Set Up To Sell.

In-market broker support, a locally focused brand, education, a referral database, and user-friendly tools!  If it’s on your wish list, we likely have it. When it comes to building your personal brand, sky’s the limit. We do it all for you.

We take care of all your marketing tasks. Things like social media property promotions, flyers, postcards, and brochures. They are all designed and implemented for you… Done For You!

We have an AMAZING APP that does it all. Navi takes your business to a whole other level with simple point click and order the marketing you need. 

Feel What It's Like To Be ELITE

Who knows how to best run your business? You do. And we’ll be there, empowering you with the technology, guidance and progressive ideas to help you find sustainable, entrepreneurial success. Plain and simple — happiness is standard here.


Turn-key marketing services allow our agents to focus on what’s important: their customers and transactions. Supported by an experienced marketing and technology department, our agents have quick and effortless access to a variety of services and solutions.


Stand proudly in front of the NavigateRE brand. We brand agents clearly and visibly on every marketing piece.


Design quality is everything when it comes to marketing. Our focus is to create elegant and professional pieces - every time.


Quick and personalized design services for special marketing projects like brochures, signs, postcards, and more.


Agents are busy. That's why we created the NavigateRE App so all you have to do click and tell us what you want created.


Here's What We Offer Every Partner (No Charge)

Our in-house design team will work with you to create a personal branded logo consumers can identify with and one that you love!

1,000 stylish, ultra thick business cards with a red line sandwiched in the middle. These cards have a velvet touch and wow everyone you come in contact with. 

Our in-house design team will build a super “Rock Star” website all about you. This is custom built nothing you can buy off the shelf. It is packed with SEO so you are sure to be found. 

The Navigate in-house design team will curate a real estate related blog post each week that is packed with strong search optimization words, meta tags  and formatted to grab the attention of Google. This will in turn cause your website to gain influence each and every week.

Imagine every time you take a listing the NavigateRE marketing team goes to work to design a single property website for your sellers. Site includes the property address as the URL. The sites feature, photo tours, video, mapping, school reports, mortgage information and of course how to reach you so they can buy the home. 

Each and every Thursday our marketing design team curates an entire newsletter packed with lifestyle articles about the home, health and wealth. The newsletter title “front porch” also includes local events and happenings, real estate market updates and fully branded to you, from you, by you but we do all the work. you just watch it get delivered to your entire sphere.

All of your business promoted for you. Simply click “Social property Promotion” in the navi APP and request a post for a transaction in place. We will post all of your Coming Soon, Just Listed, For Sale, In Contract, Contingent, Pending and Sold Properties. We even include all open house promotions. FREE – No charge for any of this. 

each day our in-house marketers curate content to be pushed out on your social platforms. You get 3 to 5 daily lifestyle posts plus an educational post, a inspirational post and a all holidays are covered with special holiday posts. 

You get 100 copies FREE to share with your sphere and consumers you meet. These impactful brochures come loaded like a listing presentation. From the velvet touch cover each page tells a story about how you and your Navigate Partners sell homes. We include a personal bio, testimonials, and real facts about how we sell homes.

Aside from the 12 page booklet our Navigate marketing partners will design a powerful listing presentation fully customized for each listing you go on. We have even taken the time to create a pre-listing email that covers everything a consumer might want to know regarding how we sell homes. We prepare them, print them and ready them for delivery. You just need to point, click in the navigate App and tell us. 

Exclusive use of our in-house marketing design team to assist in all your marketing needs. From creating brochures, signs, business cards, flyers, special promotions, pie day party invites, we do it all and we do it all for you. 

Say Hello to navi, our exclusive app that allows you to manage your entire transaction from the palm of your hand. Take listings, write offers, add agreements, modifications, addendums etc. All with the point and click of our app. You will never have to fill out a form again. Our A.I. powered app does it all for you and super fast and efficient. Think of having a transaction coordinator that does literally everything you can imagine! You really have to see this to understand how this will change the way you do business.

Our offices are designed as collaborative hubs for socializing, networking, meeting with clients, hosting events and or playing games or just lounging around.  Each office has been specifically designed to enhance your sensors, make you feel comfortable while working and playing. We currently have offices located in Fairfield, Vacaville, Petaluma, Napa and Hidden Valley Lake.

We kow you work hard and at times you want to relax and or play for a while. Each of our offices offers unique ways to play. From Corn Hole, Pin Pong, Foos Ball, darts, board and card games. You are sure to enjoy a pop by the office. Did we mention there are TV’s everywhere with full access to every channel?

Unlimited snacks and beverages are available in each of our offices. The fridge is always loaded, the snack racks full of chips, energy bars, candy, and a full bar accessible 24/7 for all our partners. Bring a friend and come chill and relax in a great environment surrounded by friends and family. Be responsible!

Throughout the year we host various social events, team building opportunities, get togethers and special meetings. Many friends in the industry utilize our unique offices for their events so there is always something coming and going. We publish a calendar so you are always in the loop. Plus you can use our spaces for your own special events. 

All-In-One Real Estate Solution

Meet the navi App. Designed to revolutionize the real estate process. Seamlessly request all your marketing in one place. Need a social post to promote a property…DONE! Need a new “Just Listed” postcard – designed, printed and mailed for you…DONE! Want to generate some leads with a pay-per-click ad campaign? Let navi create, manage and deliver leads to you daily.  All Marketing Done For You!

Marketing Done For you

Simply tap the apps icon to open your marketing portal. →

navi pulls your listings through so all you have to do is select the property you want marketing for. 

Input Marketing Request

Unlike all other brokerage technology, navi does the work for you. All you need to do is tell it what you want done. No trying to figure out design software, no worrying about what to say… ↴

Creating A Social Post

Once you’ve chosen the property you want navi to work with, select the “Marketing” link to choose the type of marketing you want navi to create.→

Everything In One Place

The navi app allows you to schedule flyers, brochures, postcards, listing and buyer presentations, open house packages, advertising, lead generation and more. Just about anyting you want is Done For You!

No Design Skills Needed

navi does all the heavy lifting for you. Need an upcoming Open House promoted on Social Media? Simply select “Open House”, select the date(s) and Time(s)→

Marketing Done For You!

The finished product is an amazing fully custom designed Open house Social Post. navi even posts the property promotion for you so you don’t have to login to your social networks and post. navi Does It All For You!


While most companies use multiple, off-the-shelf software solutions that are fragmented and unable to be customized, navi is a single software platform that continually improves and adapts to the needs of our customers and agents. It’s a powerful, ever-evolving tool for a high-volume agent. 




Forget learning multiple softwares and constantly switching screens. navi seamlessly does it all.


Repetitive and cumbersome tasks are fully automated for the agents, saving additional time and energy.


The navi works seamlessly across all platforms. Move from one device to another without losing anything.


Nearly every internal process happens through navi and each step is perfectly streamlined.


Commission calculations are automatic and up front for the agent to view.


We never stop adding features. Feedback from our agents and a constant influx of ideas contributes to navi's constant improvement.



With a built-in electronic signature platform, Partners can quickly prepare documents for customers to sign and save them automatically.


Save your contacts, leads, and pull detailed reports about their sales and activities.


For new listings that need property photos or yard signs, professional and presentable products are just a click away.


Commission calculations are automatic and up front for the agent to view.


Easy document checklists, massive storage abilities, and simple archiving.


Partners are immediately notified about contract contingencies, so no important deadlines are missed.

Meet Your Founding Partners

Don McDonald

As a dynamic leader and creative marketing guru, Don leads the Navigate Partner’s marketing and business development efforts. Don has been responsible for building two separate Top 10 real estate teams within RE/MAX from 2006 through 2023.  Don is one of two Founding Partners with Navigate RE. After leaving RE/MAX in June of 2023 Don is back doing what he loves most helping agents achieve their very best results and working hand in hand with the Navigate RE Partners and their in house software app navi.

Donovan Schemke

Sharp and focused, Donovan Schemke is a second generation Realtor with a strong mind for business. Practicing Real Estate for 20+ years, Donovan was a Founding Partner and very much responsible for the growth and success of the Elite Partners a #1 RealTrends Mega Team in California within RE/MAX. He brings a sales background from the computer sector and has been well trained by corporate management in both sales and technology. Additionally, Donovan Schemke and his mother Pam have been among the Top Producing Realtors in Solano County. for over 40 years. Donovan clearly, understands the mindset of home buyers and sellers and has a thorough knowledge of the regional marketplace, which is what allows us to connect exceptional homes to exceptional lives. Donovan is one of two Founding Partners and the COO for Navigate RE

Serving The Following Counties

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